Security Measures COVID19
  • Arrival Management. The client will inform of their approximate arrival time and we will manage a rigorous order of entry to avoid the greatest number of physical encounters between clients at Reception.
  • Check in online. No more queues at reception, all crowded together, waiting for everything to be checked. The client is required to have checked in online before his arrival, so that he only takes the key and enters his room.
  • Minimum distance of at least 1.5 meters and preferably two meters in common areas.
  • Mandatory use of a mask in common areas.
  • Forced to step on the disinfectant mat every time it is accessed from the street.
  • Hydro-alcoholic gel and gloves in common areas, for use by clients. At Reception we have one-use masks at the customer's request.
  • You must keep the apartment disinfected during your stay, using the recommended disinfection products: bring your disinfection products to the apartment or use those that you will find inside the apartment.
  • It is recommended not to request Daily Cleaning Service due to the need to disinfect with ozone and what this implies, once someone outside the client's environment enters the apartment.
  • Upon departure, you must leave your garbage lying around.
  • Decoration is reduced to a minimum, replacement textiles such as blankets or pillows are offered sheathed as it arrives from the laundry, and only sofa cushions are offered for necessary functionality, not decorative cushions.
  • Removal of paper. Paper napkins are not offered, but toilet paper is available.If the client prefers to bring their toilet paper, they must inform before their arrival and we will remove it. If the client wants a map of the city, press or other information on paper, they must request it.
  • Information of interest that you will receive via e-mail. Information on leisure, restaurants, supermarkets, city map, etc ... will be sent by e-mail upon arrival.
  • Elevator closed to safeguard the maintenance of social distance, except for the need expressed and justified by the client before their arrival at the apartment complex.
  • It is recommended to pay the value of your reservation using a bank card or your mobile device.
  • Sanitary and other contacts. The information documents that the government has distributed on how to wash your hands, health care telephone number and other essential information about COVID19 are available to you on the Reception information board and will also be sent by e-mail.

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